Britta´s gesammelte Werke
Sowohl Gedanken, Gedichte, als auch geschriebene Songtexte , die ich in den letzten Jahren allesamt selbst verfasst habe


warum gehst du fort
lässt mich hier zurück
wandelst an einen fremden ort
zurück geht kein blick

meine liebe
scheint wertlos zu sein
entschwundene gemeinschaft
warum lässt du mich allein

meine zerstörte welt
sehnsucht bleibt unerfüllt
nichts mein herz erhellt
nur kälte es umhüllt
du gehst einfach weg
lässt mich hier stehen
behandelst mich wie dreck
erhörst nicht mein flehen

selbstverliebtheit , die uns zerstört
du entgleist mir mehr und mehr
wie jemand fremdes stehst du da
meine worte finden kein gehör
sie durchdringen dich nimmer mehr


Wherehave you been gone
where are you now
i see you in my dreams
longing for you

desires to stay with you
want to touch your face
but only see the clouds
your are only in my dreams

dreams won´t come true
i have to live my life
wounded in my heart
and alone at all

i hope the night will fall
and i dream of you again
i only have one wish
a night that never ends

dreaming of you everytime - wish you were here
everytime stay by my side
closer in your arms i want to stay
share my life with you


A Life of broken promises
Is what we´re living every day
No excuses and no regrets
No words of sorrow is relief anyway

Only thinking of yourself
Don´t see the person nearby
It´s all the same way for you
If he lives or if he dies

A world full of hate
That´s where we live in
We don´t look back
Only hurry up with any break

Dissapointed people everywhere
They are cold as ice
Without any feelings
Those feelings of nothing

Grey in grey , without a smile
Motionless and hard cold faces
Tell me , How long will it last
Will we become human again

We are not able to stop
Move on as fast as we can
We can´t decide between love and hate
In this world of ignorance we failed


prisoner of myself
cold like the wind
all feelings are gone
tired of my life

save me- bring me back
save me- hold me close
save me- take me away
save me - i want to live

i hear my heart beating
sitting staring at the wall
unable to do anything
motionless so far

take me out of my little grey world
show me all the colors of live
catch my fall and carry me home
take me out of this prison - set me free


bewegungslos und taub
abwartend und hoffend
wartend , dass der schmerz vorübergeht
warte auf einen neuen morgen
der mir gutes bringen mag
ein tag in weiter ferne...

wie lang wird es dauern
bis ich wieder menschlich bin
wie lang wird es dauern
bis ich wieder leben kann
komm weck mich auf
reich mir deine hand
zieh mich hinfort
mit neuem tatendrang

sehne mich mach verständnis
treffe nur auf fragende blicke
fühle mich alleine
ziehe mich zurück
lebe in meinen tagträumen
warte auf erlösung

fraglie und verletzlich
sind meine gefühle ,meine gedanken
baue einen schutzschild um mich herum
die sonne löscht meine trüben gedanken
bereit mich dem leben zu stellen
habe neuen mut gefasst

mein leben in die hand nehmen
bin erweckt aus meinen träumen
ein neues leben zu geniessen
aus meinem traumkoma erwachend
gedanken mit menschen teilend
doch die isolation weichet nicht....


My black feathered friend
Where have you been
Will you come back
Or have you end living

You look so mysterious
Full of secrets you are
Emotionless shining
Like a sculpture of stone

Your clothes are black
Deep black like the night
A life lived in faith
Remembering all times

My dear black guardian
Please watch over me
Near the invisible border
Between life and death

Spread your wings and fly
Hight up tio the sky
Don´t look whats behind
Only the truth you will find


the world is so quiet
when it´s winter time
it seems like everyone sleeps
silence is all around

let me die in winter
when snowflakes cover my gave
colness embraces everything
peace fullfills the world

white snow covers everything
no good no bad in here
white places is all you cann see
all üroblems fade away

the world is so quiet
no fights and no anger
everything sounds so sweet
I´d like to fall in sleep
.... fall in sleep forever


Why are you so sad
Throwing your live away
You are so young
Live fullfilled with perspectives

Open your eyes
Lookout to the world
See all the persons
Which you support

Your life will be better
When you´ll open your heart
No time for depression
Only place for a new start

Don´t end up live
Don´t leave now
Stay with me
Stay with me


Accept me for the person that I am
For the one I want to be
Accept me for the person that I am
But if you don´t plaese set me free

Try to understand all my feelings
All what I would like to be
Give me a reason to be myself
Just to set my spirit free

Don´t try to change m just to please you
Take me as the person that I am
Accept my feelings and my longings
So try to feel the way I do

have I ever been happy
Happy in my life
Have I ever been lucky
Lucky all the time ?


I´m falling in love
Ad don´t reach your hand
You are close but far away
So where are you now?

Everytime we get close
We move steps away
Down on my knees
I´m beggin you to stay

Longing for your touch
And also for your near
I will try to ignore
My terrible deep fear

Forbidden Love- forbidden lust
In which person I will trust
Forbidden love – that´s what I know
Forbidden Lust – that I can´t show
Forbidden Dreams – you didn´t know


um dir zu gefallen
nehme ich alles hin
zum kummer allen
ich nicht ich selber bin

aus angst dich zu verliern
stimme ich bei allem zu
bloss keinen streit
nur stille und ruh

ich bin deine marionette
einfach willenlos
was bin ich ohne dich
was mache ich blos

akzeptier mich
so wie ich bin
änder mich nicht
ich bin was ich bin


there are here
for every season
all time of the year
nothing to fear

if there´s storm
coldness or rain
so everytime
they look all the same

they stand still
all over the grave
won´t feel the chill
angels are brave

the years will go on
and centuries flew
they look all the same
like time made them new

they see the death
just every day
watch every mess
and people who pray

they´re built of stone
are for ages alone
eternaty ´ll pass
but they have to last

Silent Witnesses - are protecting us
Silent Witnesses - are observing us


Raindrops falling down
Washes away
all the pain i feel inside
Emotions swept away

Ref: Come back to me
Living without you is so cruel
Stay here with me
I love you more than I can say

I feel so alone
Thinking of you all the time
Wish you where so close
Stay here by my side

Why have you toleave me
I´d like to turn back time
Your death separates us
Every night and every day

Your grave is my home
I can´t leave you now
Embracing your tombstone
Never let you go.


Moon is shining bright
In the endless night
Shadows are around
Don´t make any sound

Clouds leave their way
Tumbstones in moonlight
Wolves cry out at night
Watch the passing day

Refrain: Cry out at night
Don´t see what´s behind
Remain in agony
Pain sets you free

The Sound of the night
-death versus live
feeling so small
life in this vein

remind forgotten times
of dark shadow´s fall
left in this night
-no turning back.


an uniform world
in which we´re exsist
ignorance -
for every day

only one place
like an asylum
only one place
where we feel free
dark life that´s our way
dark life take me here to stay
people understand my pain
dark life, more than a name

that´s our desire
so in this world
i can light my fire

no matter if you old
or if you´re young
only friendly people
which are moving on


My voice is so dump
Without any sound
It´s motionless
No feeleings around

Won´t talk about
That things make me weak
I´m trying so hard
But I couln´t speak

The mouring around
Makes me so calm
Noone cann hear me
The things I belong

The silence beyond me
Is killing my dreams
Nothing in this world Is what it seems
The Silence beyond me
Protect me from life
I want to get rid of it
No longer strife


My dancer in the moonlight
Waves around , the stars shining bright
Sing your song , I´d nevver heard before
Don´t leave me now , I`ll miss you no more

Your stage is the world of ignorance
People don´t see you ,don´t know who you are
It´s seems like you are an invisible man
Your voice is so Calm , your moves are so sweet

Your dance is really light hearted
So full of pride ,into the night
You tell us that life isn´t what it seems
Thanks for fullfill my lunatic dreams

My dancer in the moonlight
Rise your arms, like stars in the night
Dance so fast , as fast as you can
Sing your songs without any end

(c) By Britta Lenarz 2001-2009 : diese Texte habe ich alle in den letzten Jahren eigenhändig, selbst verfasst , Verfielfältigung oder Kopien bitte nur nach Rücksprache mit mir und mit Genehmigung durch mich!

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